About Us

Our Philosophy

To bring together locally sourced premium ingredients with exceptional hospitality.

Who We Are

The Loretto Bistro is an upscale casual café located in the heart of Mission, Texas. We like to think of ourselves as trendsetters and are proud to bring together fresh, locally sourced premium ingredients to create delicious hand-crafted dishes and coffees. 

We are extremely proud to source the majority of our produce and food items from local farms and vendors in the Rio Grande Valley. These locally sourced items help create the foundation of our exclusive menu.

Now it is possible to enjoy an idyllic environment with exquisite cuisine in one memorable destination, The Loretto Bistro.

The Significance Behind the Name

“Many people have asked me why I chose The Loretto for the name of my business. My choice is deeply rooted in my culture, education and upbringing in El Paso, Texas.

In 1923, Mother Praxedes Carty, Sister of Loretto, came to the West Texas town of El Paso where she founded is now known as Loretto Academy, an El Paso historical landmark. She was a pioneering woman who was told over and over that her idea of a private boarding Catholic school for girls in the desert was completely insane. People discouraged her and told her that her idea would never work. It was because of those words that she forged even harder, and with steadfast determination, to open what is now one of the most prestigious private schools in Southwest Texas.

I am proud to say that I am a product of this education, way of thinking, and environment. The standards, ethics, and principles that I learned during my formative years enabled me to be pioneering and innovative throughout my own life. Although I initially was confronted with the same disbelief that a beautiful eatery would not be welcomed in Mission, Texas, I also treaded with steadfast determination to bring my guests what I believe this community deserves.

As a tribute to my alma mater and my hometown, I created The Loretto at Mission in the same style as Loretto Academy with one main tower; three connected areas and outstretched wings facing south.

It is my privilege along with my husband, Lupe Gonzalez, to serve our guests with high standards in customer service, food preparation, and scenery. It is with great pride and commitment that we share our favorite plates in our welcoming and charming environment. Thank you for your support. Together we can make The Loretto at Mission our own landmark in the Rio Grande Valley.”

-Laura Aguilar-Gonzalez

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